Of Masks and Zeppelin

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 8:00 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The lifting of the state’s mask mandate means little to Sam Logan, who owns Endless Horizons, a record store in Odessa. In his store, maskless shoppers will still receive no quarter.

“To me, this changes nothing,” Logan said.

The pandemic has made good times, bad times for businesses, and getting rid of the mandate has left some businesses dazed and confused. For logan, it’s quite simple: He thinks most businesses will just continue what they’ve been doing.

“Just because there’s no mask mandate doesn’t mean there’s not still a pandemic,” Logan said.

Endless Horizons hasn’t received a whole lotta love on social media this week, finding itself targeted for a pro-mask Facebook post, with a note that said, “No mask, No entry.”

“The picture was meant to be a gunny take on things,” Logan said. “Because that’s what I’ve really tried to get done in the last couple of months, just turning this into something that can make people smile.”

But despite the social media backlash, customers have been understanding.

“It’s been more positive, longtime employee Gabriel said. “Most people understand, and we usually don’t have as many people who are unwilling to participate.”

So, whether you want to break free or not, know – even with no mask mandate – this record store wants to keep you off that stairway to heaven.

“As long as there’s something I can do to protect not only myself and my employees but our customers, then I feel it is my duty as a business owner to go through steps to take care of the people that keep our store open,” Logan said.

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