Fliers supporting white supremacy scattered throughout Midland

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 6:30 PM CST
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Racist fliers have been found scattered throughout part of the city.

White supremacist fliers like this one promise a “white revolution” and encourage violence against minorities.

Midland’s NAACP President Eddie Radd said its disturbing to see hateful propaganda surface in these neighborhoods.

“Because when we have youth growing up in our city and they’re seeing this,” Radd said. “It’s a time for our families to come together and teach our youth that this type of act is not wanted, is not right.”

Midland Police can’t penalize anyone for this since it’s a matter of free speech.

However, Mayor Patrick Payton released a statement condemning whoever passed out those fliers.

“As a community I firmly believe we all reject the extremes on all sides,” Payton said. “Whether a flyer that stokes anger, hate and dissension or social media and messaging that constantly drives wedges between people. Here in Midland, we fight for one another and not against one another.”

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