Big Spring Fire Department gives water to residents while city repairs water lines

Published: Feb. 20, 2021 at 8:52 PM CST
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Residents in Big Spring are still feeling a serious dry spell as the city works to repair damaged water lines, but help is still pouring out from the big spring fire department.

Firefighters spent the day filling buckets and jugs with non-potable water people can take back home.

Fire Chief Craig Ferguson this water can’t be used for drinking, but it can come in handy for other needs like flushing toilets.

“Water is essential for life,” Ferguson said. “When we run out we realize just how much we need it. But everybody’s very grateful we can do something like this for our citizens.”

For now, the department is limiting everyone to about 20 gallons each so there’s enough to go around.

It’s enough to make a difference for people like Todd Emmons who has had a tough week.

“We froze up and we had to vacate,” Emmons said. “I think we spent a total of four nights in a hotel and one of those nights was without water also.”

The gallons Emmons took home will be a big help while he waits for the city to make all the necessary repairs.

Mayor Shannon Thomason says it’s hard to say how long it’ll take to get Big Spring back to normal.

He says the city is trying to refill its water stores but its tough to do because so many water line breaks throughout the city are slowing progress.

“Were not sure how long it’s going to be,” Emmons said. “But I know those guys are working around the clock. But we are very, very grateful to these guys.”

The city is asking residents to help out too by limiting their water consumption while it works on fixing the lines.

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