Arizona company donates food to 300 West Texas families

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Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 7:48 PM CST
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Hundreds of families in Midland and Odessa are getting much needed food supplies.

On Thursday, the president of an Arizona company saw that was happening in Texas and resolved to do something about it.

So, he loaded up a truck and headed straight to West Texas.

Wayfinder Tax Relief President William Ryan said his company, along with some donors, bought a ton of ton and rented a refridgerated truck to store it all within a few hours on Thursday.

That night, he hit the road.

“We just drove straight through the night,” Ryan said.

A little more than a day later here is in in Midland with enough food and water to take care of roughly 300 families.

Wayfinder is handing off the goods to its business partner Weidner Apartments.

Those employees will then pass on the supplies to residents in their apartment complexes who have struggled to get food.

“I believe that they’re going to be overwhelmed and I think that they’re going to understand that people do care,” Weidner Regional Vice President of Texas Brenda Huffty said. “From a Weidner perspective it’s not just about the rent. We do care.”

Weidner will first deliver to elderly and disabled residents in Midland and Odessa before giving to other waiting residents.

Ryan said he was moved by what he saw on TV when the storm rolled through Texas and millions of people suffered.

“It was striking and shocking we were just worried. We’ve been out here so much,” Ryan said. “We were out here in January after the last snow storm and everything was ok. This one took us by surprise.”

But it isn’t surprising is efforts like this one to help Texans get back on their feet.

“Texas is strong and when times get tough we all pull together and this really shows,” Huffty said.

Both companies moved fast.

Organizers handed out all the boxed food within hours of unloading the truck Friday afternoon.

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