Frozen sensors cause water pressure issues for Pecos residents

Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 9:16 AM CST
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PECOS, Texas (KOSA) - It’s not just power companies having problems operating in the cold weather. The City of Pecos is experiencing water pressure issues, meaning some homes are currently without water.

Pecos has a wellfield about 14 miles from the city it uses to pump water to the city, but the cold weather caused the system to malfunction, dropping the water pressure to the point where it’s not coming out of the faucets in some homes.

“We had an issue where we actually lost power at our wellfield site, which caused our tanks to drop,” Pecos City Manager Seth Sorensen said. “Then, with the freezing temperatures, it played some games with our technology, our sensors. So, our sensors actually froze and showed our tanks were full. So, they weren’t sending the signal to our pumps to fill them up anymore.”

Sorensen said that the tanks have to be filled manually from multiple locations, and crews have pumping water to try to fill those tanks, often traversing difficult terrain to do so. He does not know when the sensors will come back online.

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