Midland County mass vaccination site gets underway at Horseshoe Arena

Published: Jan. 23, 2021 at 9:46 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 23, 2021 at 11:15 AM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The wait is over in Midland county; mass vaccinations have finally arrived. Here is everything you need to know to get your shot. Starting Monday, the backstage building at the Horseshoe will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday to vaccinate people by appointment.

“This is a big effort,” said Russell Meyers, Midland Memorial Hospital President and CEO.

The Horseshoe mass vaccination site is officially in business, seeing just over 200 patients Friday afternoon.

That number is expected to grow substantially next week.

“We’re talking about running a thousand people through here, having them all pre-register if possible, but registering some on-site, getting a vaccine in every arm, monitoring them onsite, every day,” Meyers said. “A thousand people a day for the foreseeable future.”

But you can’t just show up.

“This is not first-come, first-serve, or walk-up traffic,” Meyers said. “Everyone who comes here to get a vaccine has a scheduled time.”

Shots are also administered indoors, not as part of a drive-thru.

“It is much easier to give a vaccination when an individual can get their deltoid exposed,” said registered nurse Val Sparks. “They can sit or stand.”

So, who is eligible to get the vaccine?

“The healthcare workers in 1A, and 1B is people over 65 or people over 16 with one of a list of chronic health conditions,” Meyers said. “So, it’s not the general public yet.”

But anyone can register. The Midland Unified Command Team also says they expect to receive 5,000 doses each week from the state.

“Five thousand doses a week in a county of 170,000 people, it’s going to take a while to get anybody vaccinated, or even half of us vaccinated,” Meyers cautioned.

Meyers also said they aren’t sure how long that 5,000-dose-per-week shipments will continue, but the Horseshoe will continue its operation until those doses run out.

You can register for the vaccine online here.

Those who are on the waiting list for the vaccine will not receive a phone call to be scheduled for an appointment. You will be assigned an appointment time and date and receive an email or text message with information. This communication will come from or 855-897-1447.

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