Senator John Cornyn says he will vote to certify the election

Published: Jan. 6, 2021 at 11:00 AM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Senator John Cornyn says he will be voting to certify the results of November’s presidential election, going against fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who says he will be objecting to the electoral college’s votes.

“When media outlets called the election for Joe Biden, I said that recounts and legal challenges needed to play out before a winner could be determined. I felt strongly that the President and his campaign were entitled to pursue their legal remedies, and that’s precisely what was done. But none of the legal arguments or evidence presented by the President’s legal team convinced the more than 50 state and federal courts that sat in judgment.”

In a letter to Texans, Senator Cornyn laid out his reasons for not challenging the election results, mainly because of what he says is a lack of evidence.

“As a former judge, I view this process with the same impartial, evidence-based decision-making as I did my job on the bench. As mentioned, every lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign has failed to change the outcome. And multiple states have conducted recounts to confirm the results – in Georgia, three times. So, unless substantial, new evidence is presented during the challenges to each state’s ballots, I will not object to the certification of that state’s election results based on unproven allegations.”

Senator Cruz wants a commission appointed to conduct a 10-day audit of the election results, saying that the election was narrowly decided in some swing states and featured “unprecedented allegations of voter fraud.

The senator says due to the mistrust many Americans are feeling; an audit should be done.

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