Newly elected mayor off to a rocky start with some local media outlets

A couple of local media outlets have already found themselves at odds with Odessa’s new mayor.
Published: Dec. 29, 2020 at 9:15 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - A couple of local media outlets have already found themselves at odds with Odessa’s new mayor.

Joven’s time as mayor has been anything but drama-free - from a secret swearing-in to a war of words with the Odessa American.

Some are starting to wonder if this is the kind of transparency we can expect from the mayor for the next four years.

It all started last Tuesday when Javier Joven and new councilmembers, Mark Matta and Denise Swanner, were secretly sworn in after the city council canvassed the run-off votes.

Mayor Joven told the OA he was suspicious of the original swearing-in taking a month to happen.

He wrote about the swearing-in already happening in a news release – and had the city public information office send it to the media – then blamed the office for not getting it out **before** the swearing-in, according to the o-a.

He also told the paper he was surprised the media didn’t come.

After the city sent the news release, CBS 7′s news director Scott Pickey texted the mayor asking why no one was alerted about the swearing-in.

Joven later texted Pickey back that **he** was the “only one having a hissy fit.” He then called him at 4:30 in the morning. Pickey says he didn’t answer the phone.

On several occasions, Joven has also mentioned the controversial idea of having Dr. Richard Bartlett serve as the city’s COVID-19 authority.

After the OA published that story Monday afternoon – Joven called the paper and denied he’d ever said that – saying the council would have to decide that.

Dr. Bartlett claims that he discovered a “cure” for coronavirus – which he calls a “silver bullet” treatment.

Many local healthcare experts have doubts about Barlett’s claims saying that his treatment’s success depends on how old you are, how early you notice your symptoms, and how bad those symptoms are.

The Odessa American says it stands by the original story reported.

We tried to speak with Mayor Joven today, but he couldn’t talk with us before our deadline.

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