Odessa businesses required to enforce mask mandate

Businesses are now required to have signs at every public entrance that informs people masks are needed.
Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 7:40 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - On Monday, the Midland city council voted down a mask mandate. On Tuesday, Odessa mayor David Turner decided on a different course of action by signing a declaration requiring businesses to enforce and promote mask-wearing.

Businesses are now required to have signs at every public entrance that informs people masks are needed.

Only businesses that blatantly disregard the declaration will be given a warning and then fined up to $250 on the second offense.

Good Vibes Nutrition in Odessa helps people achieve health goals with meal plans and coaching.

With health being a cornerstone of her business plan, enforcing a mask mandate is no problem for owner Jazmine Guzman.

“Some of us have little ones that I wanna see them grow up. I don’t want to see something on the news again where a seven or 8-year-old kid passes away from covid complications. No one wants to see that. Pretty much the people who don’t wanna wear it, it’s like okay well then I really don’t want you in my business because I want people here who care about others,” said Guzman.

The Touchdown Grill and Cantina opened on Monday, and they’ve already had to reduce occupancy to 50 percent.

Owner Catrina Allafchain says she’s not ready to deny services to a client over a mask but will do what it takes to keep her business open.

“It’s just a step that we have to overcome. It’s a hurdle. We’ll get through it as long as we all follow the rules, we’ll be fine,” said Allafchain.

The Odessa city council had voted down every mask mandate proposed up until today’s declaration.

Mayor David Turner says this decision is the necessary next step in reducing COVID-19 case numbers.

“That’s unfortunate, but it’s because of our actions. Because people aren’t wearing masks, they’re the ones to blame for this. not the ones who are wearing masks and doing what they’re supposed to. We’re at this point because people weren’t doing what they’re supposed to,” said Mayor Turner.

Mayor Turner’s declaration goes into effect at midnight on Tuesday.

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