MCH housekeeping steps up to keep patients, staff safe

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 6:06 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -

Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve all to think a little more carefully about how keep things clean. Perhaps none more so than the housekeeping staff at Medical Center Hospital.

Because the coronavirus can take a serious toll on the hospital staff or patients, Angela Arnold and her fellow housekeepers make sure every surface gets their attention.

“Everything you touch, like in the lobby, we’ll do the doors,” Arnold said. “All the chairs out there.”

Fortunately for the housekeepers, they didn’t have to change their routines much since they cleaned vigorously even before the pandemic. However, what they did need to do was focus even harder and remember every day that the work they’re doing saves lives.

It’s a mindset Joe Montes said the team embraced immediately.

“Our staff has stepped up 100%, and also they’re on board,” Director of Environmental Services Joe Montes said. “They want to do the right thing. They’re ready to go into battle.”

A battle against an invisible enemy they fight again and again.

Arnold scrubs down the same surfaces all the time and on a busy day it can really add up.

“Maybe 20 rooms,” she said. “And maybe I’ll do the same room four or five times. It’s pretty much, I don’t really keep count. I just keep cleaning.”

A little tedious? Maybe so. But it’s worth it every time because every swipe of the rag makes this space that much safer for strangers and loved ones alike who could find themselves here.

“Understand that our relatives can come here,” Supervisor Joanna Apodaca “So, as we want it to be clean for our relatives, we want it clean for everybody.”

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