Alpine Police, Brewster County Sheriff’s Office feud over body cam leak

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 7:14 PM CDT
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ALPINE, Texas (KOSA) -

The Alpine Police Department and the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office are butting heads over bodycam video leaked online.

This week, an employee at Sheriff Ronny Dodson’s private business posted body cam video of an arrest made by an APD officer who’s running for sheriff’s office.

That post claims the officer was behaving inappropriately toward the mentally ill man under arrest and shouldn’t be elected as sheriff.

In the video, Officer Will Drawe is clearly agitated, but doesn’t escalate the situation.

Alpine Police Chief Robert Martin sent out a statement expressing his frustration that the video was posted online and then shared by several Brewster County Sheriff’s Office employees.

In the statement, Martin said Sheriff Dodson informally questioned the arrest, which was later investigated but Dodson hasn’t ever tried to meet with him about his officers' behavior.

Instead, Martin claims that Dodson went around legal procedures to get the body cam video.

The chief wrote that sharing the arrest publicly and upsetting the arrested man’s family was “unethical” and “possibly criminal.”

Martin also pointed out it’s suspicious that sheriff’s office employees would pass this five-month-old video around only a few months ahead the election.

Officer Drawe came to a similar conclusion.

He posted a response on his campaign website saying he thinks the video was posted as an underhanded political attack.

APD said they want the Texas Attorney General’s Office or Texas Rangers to investigate how the video was released.

Sheriff Dodson and Chief Martin told CBS7 they couldn’t comment further on this case because of the investigation.

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