A Midland woman reflects on her home country following blasts that killed and injured thousands

Dr. Vicky Bakhos webb is overwhelmed by the support she has received.
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 10:56 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Two blasts caused billions in property damage and left behind those who were injured or killed.

Dr. Vicky Bakhos Webb is thankful her family was okay but for a while they couldn't get in touch with her sister.

Webb told CBS7: “That’s when I called my sister and she wasn’t answering, and then I texted her and said “are you ok”, and she said “No, I’ve been bombed” because being in the Middle East you always think it’s a bomb, and then I listened to a message from mom saying “Your sister is ok, she’s hiding, she’s safe.”

Webb and her sister, Aida, attended school in Midland as Exchange students.

 She has many friends here and some of them are helping her in a big way by raising money to help rebuild in Lebanon.

Amanda Herrmann with Hiit for Fit says: “We didn’t even have to plan or anything it was just like “this is what we’re going to do, we’ve done this in the past” we just set the ball in motion and we E-Mailed our members, talked about it in class, put out a donation box.”

Hiit for Fit members have gone above and beyond raising nearly $20,000 dollars for a country many have never even visited.

Stacy King a coach for Hiit for Fit says: “You know, we hear about the war, we hear about that kind of thing and just in knowing Vicki and seeing her post on Facebook when she goes back home, it’s a side of Beirut and Lebanon we don’t always get to see, and so it just really struck me; it’s such a beautiful country and the people there are beautiful, and some of the visions you see on the news. I thought whatever we could do to not just raise money, but just raise awareness and shine a light on that side of the world.”

Webb is overwhelmed: “And we honestly thought maybe we’d reach two-thousand dollars or eight-thousand dollars, but people in Midland have been so gracious and so generous that goal kept raising and now we’re at almost twenty-thousand dollars, so the number of families continues to raise and now we’re at about 80 families we’ve adopted to help rebuild their homes.”

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