Offensive line the key for Pecos football

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 9:31 PM CDT
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PECOS, Texas (KOSA) - One of the most underappreciated roles in sports is that of an offensive lineman. However, one place where the big boys up front are most important and most celebrated is at Pecos High School.

“That’s what makes our team special, offensive lineman,” Pecos defensive back Randall Wilson said.

Offensive lineman are typically the biggest guys on the team. The five of them must all work together to block for everyone else.

“It’s really only us,” offensive lineman Daniel Perea said. “It’s just a bond that no one really gets. It’s us five offensive lineman, make everything work together.”

“We’re a run based offense,” Head Coach Chad Olson said. “We’ve got to get those five guys up front pushing. If they can create the gaps, we’ve got the running backs that are good enough that they can hit the holes and they can go. We center everything offensively around those guys.”

Last year the Pecos offensive line was so good, they earned CBS7 Player of the Week after paving the way to a win over rival Monahans.

“Offensive lines everywhere don’t really get recognition,” Perea said. “It’s always running backs or quarterbacks. Being able to be one of the big boys that’s noticed means a lot to us.”

Coach Olson said four starters on the line are back from a historic team in 2019. Last season the Eagles won their first playoff game in over 40 years.

“It felt great,” Wilson said. “Hadn’t done it in a really long time, 1975 or something like that. The community was ecstatic about it. We’re trying to do better than last year. Not just trying to make the playoffs, but win two games, three games.”

The Eagles begin their quest on Friday August 28 against the Crane Golden Cranes.

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