Paperwork filed to potentially remove Big Spring mayor

The reasons listed for the recall petition are a dereliction of duty, threatening city employees, and cussing at city employees
Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 8:33 PM CDT
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BIG SPRING, Texas (KOSA) - A petition has been filed to recall Big Spring Mayor Shannon Thomason. On Wednesday a resident named Linda Burchett submitted the paperwork for Thomason to potentially be removed from office.

The reasons listed for the recall are a dereliction of duty, threatening city employees, and cussing at city employees.

“He abuses staff at city staff meetings,” Big Spring Councilwoman Camilla Strande said. “Yells at them, berates them, for long periods of time. At one meeting it was like an hour and a half where he yelled at one staff member.”

Thomason said he wasn’t available for an interview for this story, but did post an open letter on his Facebook page.

In short, he wrote that he is at the service of the citizens of Big Spring, before “categorically, vehemently and unabashedly” denying the accusations against him.

If the petition gets enough signatures, Thomason would either have to resign, or an election will be held to possibly vote him out.

As you may remember, Strande and fellow council members like Jim DePauw walked out of a meeting about a month ago, and also face recall requests.

“They have turned in enough signatures for Mr. DePauw to be recalled,” Strande said. “His dereliction is that he walked out of the meeting. They have turned in an affidavit for me as well. However, they have not yet collected enough signatures, but they have time still so that could happen. We might all be on the ballot in November based on what’s happening right now.”

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