ECISD students recount meeting President Trump during West Texas visit

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 12:05 AM CDT
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This week was a special one for West Texans who were visited by a sitting president for the first time in years. 

It was even more special for two lucky ECISD students. 

Those students from Permian and Odessa High School didn’t get to just see the president of the United States, they met with him face to face. 

As a quarterback for PHS, Harper Terry is no stranger to pressure, but this was on a whole new level. 

“I was like oh my gosh this is actually happening,” he said recalling the moment Air Force One landed in front of him. “I’m meeting the president of the United States. It was just like an insane feeling and I just had all these emotions. I got excited, I got nervous, all these emotions started to come out on me.”

When President Trump landed in Midland, Terry and Brissa Hinojos, an OHS varsity cheerleader, were among the first people to greet him. 

It was historic moment etched not just in their memories but on something more tangible, two football helmets now branded with 45′s signature. 

“He was having small talk with us, asking us about our football season and he even said we have nice helmets, which was kind of exciting,” Hinojos said. “He was real generous to us.”

Now what’s the one thing cooler than meeting someone famous? Being recognized in return. 

Terry said as Trump approached, he heard him chatting about Friday Night Lights and he wished both teams good luck this season. 

“So, that made it even more special is that even people who have lived in New York and now Washington like they still know about Friday Night Lights and all that,” Terry said. “So, being able to represent our school and him seeing that is such a great feeling.”

Both students said they don’t know why they were picked to greet trump, but they say they feel blessed for getting the chance to give the president a big Texas welcome. 

“It was a once in a lifetime experience, y’know, that we’ll be able to tell all of our friends and family members,” Hinojos said. “It was a blessing that God brought the president here safely and hopefully takes him back home to the White House safely.”

The students said those signed helmets will be displayed in cases at each of their schools so others can enjoy the souvenir. 

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