Dr. Bartlett discusses COVID “cure” with Midland County leaders

The West Texas doctor who claims to have the "silver bullet" for COVID-19 was invited to speak at Monday’s Midland County Commissioners’ Court
Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 11:01 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The West Texas doctor who claims to have the silver bullet for COVID-19 was invited to speak at Monday’s Midland County Commissioners’ Court. Commisioner Randy Prude asked Dr. Richard Bartlett to speak at the meeting.

The West Texas doctor has gotten national and, according to Bartlett himself, even international attention for his use of an inhaled steroid to treat COVID-19.

Midland Memorial Hospital has said it will not use Bartlett’s treatment, because they say it has not been shown to help those who are hospitalized.

During the meeting, Commissioner Scott Ramsey questioned whether it was appropriate for Bartlett to be given this platform.

“No disrespect intended on this statement: I don’t think this was the proper forum for this,” Ramsey told Bartlett. “I know you’re a wonderful doctor, but county commissioners’ court, I just don’t think this is it.”

Bartlett then fired back.

“I don’t know why it would be inappropriate, if you have a clinic for your employees and you’re involved in healthcare to some degree, I’m confused why you would say it’s not appropriate to talk about healthcare,” Bartlett said.

Ramsey said that could be addressed at another time, and then asked Bartlett questions he said came from constituents.

One was how many of Bartlett’s patients had actually tested positive for the coronavirus?

“Actually we have multiple clinics that are using this protocol,” Bartlett replied. “Just one of them had 200 that have tested positive. 100% survival. That’s just one of the many clinics. Next question.”

As in other interviews, Bartlett actually used the word “cure” when talking about his treatment.

“We’re talking about patients who become symptom free, and then have two consecutive negatives,” he said. “That’s the definition of a cure from COVID. So I have story after story of happy endings.”

If you’re interested the whole meeting can be found on YouTube.

Additionally, Bartlett has set up a website where people can read what he says is his full case study report about his inhaled budesonide treatments.

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