Texas hits 5,000 new virus cases for first time

Gov. Abbott and ORMC Dr. Saravanan speak on exponential rise in COVID-19 cases
Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 1:58 PM CDT
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Odessa, Tx (KOSA) - Texas COVID-19 cases set a record high with over 5000 today alone and it’s the first time since the pandemic that cases reached that mark.

Our sister station in Fort Worth spoke with Gov. Abbott about the exponential spread of the coronavirus and how Texans need to take this pandemic seriously to prevent another state economic shut down.

“My first message to the public is that people must know the facts,” Chief Medical Officer at Odessa Regional Medical Center Rohith Saravanan said. “And the facts are that COVID-19 is expanding far faster and far wider than at any time during the pandemic in Texas. And that is exactly why we are having to take additional measures.”

Those measures include giving local jurisdictions more authority in regulating large groups of people and child care facilities.

I spoke with the Chief Medical Officer at Odessa Regional Medical center Dr. Rohith Saravanan about how our West Texas community can slow down the coronavirus

“I’m going to do the right thing to protect the high risk individuals and you’re going to do the right thing to protect the high risk individuals. It’s not me telling you what to do or visa versa, it’s both of us talking to each other. And saying, we have this social contract, an agreement between the both of us to do what is right for our community.”

Saravanen says there are currently nine COVID-19 patients in house and the community needs to take proper safety precautions so that hospitals don’t become overrun by incoming patients.

“We have two choices, we’re other going to give substandard care or we’re not going to have a place to provide care at all.”

Although there isn't a mandate on wearing masks, Saravanan highly recommends that people around West Texas wear masks in public to prevent another government shutdown.

By wearing a mask in public places, you protect people who are vulnerable to the virus.

You can find the latest numbers on cases for Texas here.

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