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Man firing assault-style weapon killed by Austin police

Mesquite Police Officers Begin Wearing Cowboy Hats

Ex-teacher who got pregnant by student sentenced to 10 years

Texas attorney general's criminal fraud trial set for May

Guitarist who avoided Buddy Holly plane crash dies at 85

State representative announces legislation to allow Texans to vote on minimum wage

Texan pleads no contest in death of missing girlfriend, 13

Amazon plans to hire 100,000 over the next 18 months

Lawmaker wants Trump to secure border, with or without wall

Judge: More work needed on Texas foster care reform plan

Cash crunch, bathroom bill battle await Texas lawmakers

Lawmaker seeks to pass "constitutional carry" gun bill in 2017

Handcuffed Texas suspect who shot himself has died

Austin officer fired after breaking into home

Handcuffed Texas suspect shoots himself while in custody

85-year-old Texas man helps pull 2 women from burning car

Child born in Austin has Zika virus

Police arrest 29-year-old McAllen woman accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old boy

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