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Trucks collision in Arkansas causes fire and spills Fireball

3 years probation for men who slit dog's throat on video

New Mexico firefighters protecting community from wildfire

FBI agent's gun accidentally discharges in Denver nightclub

Teacher helps save student abandoned in horrific conditions

Evangelist wants $54M jet: 'Jesus wouldn't be riding donkey'

Diocese of Las Cruces investigating 'weeping' Virgin Mary

Visitors travel to church to witness weeping statue

Girl found stabbed in burning house, another child missing

Colorado girl seriously injured in bear attack outside home

Oklahoma rig blast victims died of burns, smoke inhalation

Airline passenger fined after keeping free airline apple

2 die in crash of small plane in Texas High Plains

Oklahoma girl gets textbook once used by Blake Shelton

New Mexico medical marijuana program tops 50K patients

Texas school booster club to raffle semi-automatic weapons

Texas girl missing for almost two years found safe

Late night explosion rocks Lubbock neighborhood

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