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ALABAMA SENATE: Turnout for vote could reach 25 percent

Crews protect hillside home as California fire roars

Man leaves $2K tip on $17 bill

President Trump says accusations of sexual misconduct 'fabricated'

NYC BOMBING: Subway bomb suspect charged

Athletes, entertainers rush to support bullied Tennessee boy

Trump tells NASA to send astronauts to Mars

Mother hands out presents in memory of her slain son

Transgender people can enlist in military Jan 1

Power still out for thousands after Deep South snow storm

Southern California fires causing unhealthy air

Waiting for Congress, Mnuchin makes 2nd emergency debt move

President Trump wants to send man back to moon, on to Mars

Gas driller: Make homeowner pay for disparaging us

Police search Detroit highways for clues in linked shootings

Trump administration says GOP tax bill will create $1.8 trillion in revenue

Judge warns Manafort: No more op-eds about federal case

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