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Rep: Pop star Demi Lovato awake and recovering with family

'Brady Bunch' house for sale for nearly $1.9M

Nickelodeon announces new 'Rugrats' episodes, movie

Actor Tab Hunter, star of 'Damn Yankees!' movie, dies age 86

'The Old Man' of 'Pawn Stars' passes away

HGTV's Joanna & Chip Gaines welcome 5th child

Disney issues seizure warning for 'Incredibles 2'

Vince Vaughn DUI bust caught on officers' body cameras

Clint Walker, star of TV's 'Cheyenne,' dies at age 91

Rapper celebrates 10-year sobriety milestone

Admiring teen's courage, Dwayne Johnson declines prom invite

Verne Troyer dies at 49

TV personality known for playing Bozo the Clown dies at 89

Tim McGraw collapses on stage during Ireland performance

Heather Locklear arrested for alleged domestic violence

Kevin Smith suffers heart attack after show

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announce separation

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