Friends of Zuzu Verk remember her one year later during candlelight vigil ceremony

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ALPINE -- Every October the Family Crisis Center of The Big Bend holds a candlelight vigil and memorial walk for the victims of domestic violence.

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary death of Sul Ross Student Zuzu Verk, so for many participants Wednesday night’s ceremony hit close to home.

With their heads held high, the community of Alpine walked as one in support of those who've fallen victim to domestic violence and violent crimes.

"Domestic violence is in our backyards, it's in our own homes, it's next door, and the more people that are aware of it will give people the opportunity to come in and ask for assistance," said Annette Minjarez, a Legal Advocate for the Crisis Center.

From Sul Ross State University to the Brewster County Courthouse, supporters walked just over a mile.

With each footstep that was taken, many couldn't help but think of one particular victim of a violent crime that shook the community -- 21-year-old Zuzu Renee Verk.

"She's the only friend or person I've known of whose experienced something like this and we didn't even know it was going on until it happened," said one of Zuzu’s close friends April Crowder.

Thursday will be exactly one year since Zuzu's disappearance.

Investigators believe her ex-boyfriend Robert Fabian is responsible for her murder.

Close friends like Crowder gathered outside the courthouse to remember Zuzu.

"I really miss her spunkiness, she could cheer anyone up,” said Crowder. “I also really miss her comforting, she always knew the right things to say. There's still some times where I have good and bad days, and I’m just like, I really want to talk to her.”

Too many like Crowder in Wednesday night’s crowd know the feeling of losing someone close to them to a senseless crime, which is why the Crisis Center will continue to hold this ceremony for years to come.

On Thursday, Zuzu's family hopes you'll join them in lighting a candle in memory of their daughter.