Woman dies trying to save cousin from oncoming train

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PRESIDIO COUNTY -- Tragedy on the tracks has struck again for Presidio County.

On Saturday, just 20 miles west of Marfa, two tourists from Fort Worth made their way to the infamous train tracks that many love to photograph.

Liliana Garcia, 25, and her cousin Yadira Garcia, 28, were taking photos and video of the train tracks, using a guitar and suitcase as props.

At one point Liliana sat her device on the tracks and began recording video between the rails, but according to Yadira, she wasn't pleased with the way it was turning out.

As Liliana got up to go retrieve something from her car, Yadira remained behind, lying down on the tracks.

The girls had no idea their photoshoot was about to turn deadly.

To Yadira's surprise, a Union Pacific train was headed (westbound) straight towards her, and although she admits she heard a ring, she had no idea it was coming from the train.

But Liliana on the other hand caught glimpse of it from her car and immediately ran towards her cousin to try and save her.

The last thing Yadira remembers hearing is Liliana screaming, "the train is coming, the train is coming," and within seconds Liliana was struck by the train and thrown approximately 100 feet, according to investigators.

Yadira remained lying down face up between the rails, as half of the train's carts rolled over her.

Meanwhile, the conductor had just witnessed all of this unfold before his eyes, unable to stop in time.

Once the train came to a halt, Yadira was pulled out from underneath by the conductor and a truck driver who was waived down. Yadira was untouched.

Investigators with the Presidio County Sheriff's Office wound up finding a glass pipe, a metal lid with a white powdery substance and a vial with a crystal shaped substance at the scene.

According to the sheriff's office, the following day Yadira admitted to smoking the drugs found, stating that Liliana had been going through a lot after her husband became paralyzed in a car accident recently.

No charges have been filed at this time.

The drugs located have been sent off for testing and the investigation continues.