West Texas Man Suing Minnesota Police after Being Assaulted

A local man is seeking justice after he says he was assaulted by Police Officers in Minnesota during a Dallas Cowboys game last year.

At a time when tensions are high between relationships for Police Officers and citizens, one West Texan is saying he was mistreated by the Minneapolis police.

Now he's doing everything in his power to make sure no one has to go through the same kind of situation.

This video shows what happened back in December of 2016.

Anastacio Lopez was at the Cowboys Vikings game, officers were called to his section, but they showed up at row three, instead of row thirteen.

They asked him to leave, and that’s when police got physical.

Lopez was charged with attempting to disarm officers.

But this week he was found not guilty by a jury.

“They are not happy, those policeman that did this to me, they're probably out there doing something to somebody else, they may not be so lucky,” said Lopez.

Lopez is still tied up in a legal battle, he is suing the Minneapolis police department, after they assaulted and tased him, potentially causing physical damage that he says may prevent him from having kids in the future.

“That’s something that I still have to do and I don't know, I’m afraid to find out. I will do it, I have to, it's important but yeah it's tough,” said Lopez.

Now Lopez says he’s fighting not just for him but for others who may have been in a similar situation.

“You've got work, you've got kids, you've got everything I’ve known of some people that just decided to settle… and take some kind of offer because they can't afford to fight it, they have to go to work to provide for their families that's not right…. Maybe this is why God chose for this to happen to me,” said Lopez.

Lopez says the next court date is some time at the end of August.

We'll continue to follow this legal battle and bring updates as the case develops.