Dramatic traffic control change to occur north of Pecos

PECOS -- According to a release, TxDot will be changing up the traffic control dramatically over the week of August 14 due to an ongoing project.

This ongoing project is said to improve about 10.8 miles of Highway 285 between County Road 232 and Orla (RM 652), north of Pecos.

This will start at the Southern end and will require traffic control devices to be in place.

The speed limit in the work zone is of 45 mph and traffic will be flowing in both directions.

Motorists are reminded that they must abide by the law and obey warning signs.

According to the release, this is the first of several projects scheduled to improve Highway 285 between Pecos and the New Mexico state line.

The release says that delays can be expected, and alternate routes are strongly encouraged if possible.

For more information regarding this project you can contact Gene Powell at gene.powell@txdot.gov or call the number (432) 498-4746.