Town hall held for proposed ECISD bond

Over summer a special committee met to put together a bond that would make improvements in the Ector County School District.

That bond will be on the ballot this November.

The non-profit “4 Kids’ Future” held the first of four town hall meetings to educate members of the public about what the bond would do and how it could impact taxes.

The 291-million dollar bond would allow the district to make several improvements throughout the schools.

Including opening three new ones.

The town hall meetings are a way for the district to gain support for the bond, and hopefully get it passed this year.

After months of deliberation on what the district needed most, ECISD finally has a wish list, now it just needs support from the community.

“When you think about the success, success costs, and so my fear is if this isn't successful it's not going to change our enrollment, that's not going to change the fact that air-conditioners don't work, so really at the end of the day, community members are going to have to decide are our kids worth it?” said Dr. Adrian Vega, Chairperson for 4 Kids’ Future.

Passing the bond would mean an increase on taxes.

The average Odessa home costs just over 100-thousand dollars, the new bond would increase the property tax by nearly 14 dollars every month.

Those that support the bond say this is something we need to approve now.

“These are our teachers, these are our kids, these are our school buildings, and so when you think about any community that's vibrant, that's robust, one thing that they all have in common, is a strong public school system,” said Dr. Vega.

For Joe Vincent and his wife, they came to the town hall to get more information about what the bond is and urges other community members to do the same.

“I think everyone needs to be educated on this and know what they're getting into, and know that it's not going to burden you financially by passing the bond,” said Vincent.

The bond would allow the district to add three schools, update facilities, and secure school entrances among other things.

The next town hall meeting is set for September 20th at the Homewood suites, just off 191.