Classmates: Texas Tech shooter another face in the crowd

LUBBOCK -- On Monday, a freshman at Texas Tech University pulled out a pistol and fatally shot a campus police officer after he was arrested for drug possession.

For now, Hollis Daniels remains in a Lubbock jail facing capital murder charges.

As for the students he left behind on campus, they’re trying to get back to life as usual.

College life at Texas Tech in Lubbock is much like what you’d find on any other campus.

Young adults navigating their way among thousands of other, just another face in the crowd of higher education.

As it turns out, 19-year-old Hollis Daniels, an admitted murderer, was one of those random faces. He was only known of by many of his peers, after what he did Monday night, but that hasn’t stopped the campus rumor mill from churning.

For now, the exact details of Hollis Daniels’ recreational life are campus folklore, but what is known, is that a virtually unknown freshman, just a few months into his college experience. Is on the hook for capital murder.

Today all the signs point to life as usual on the Texas Tech campus, as students have begun to shift their focus from grief back to their books.

Make no mistake, the aftermath of Monday’s shooting that cost the life of Floyd East, Jr. remains.