Suspicious Package in Midland Parking Lot

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MIDLAND -- UPDATE 7:59p.m.: According Lt. Rackow with the Midland Police Department, the scene has been clear.

Officers explain it wasn't a package, but two mason jars connected with wires with a liquid inside that were left in the parking lot.

No word on why the package was left in the parking lot.
UPDATE 7:06p.m.: According to an officer on scene, Lt. Rackow, he explains that that suspicious package was found at about 4:30 Saturday afternoon by a former Midland police officer.

The package has been X-rayed by the bomb squad, the hazmat team is also assisting in the investigation.

Authorities are asking people to avoid the area of Big Spring Street between Humble and Scarborough.
The Midland Police Department are responding to a call about a suspicious package in the parking lot of the O'Reillys Auto Parts off Big Spring Street.

According to the spokes person for the City of Midland Sara Bustilloz, she explains that currently the explosives ordinance disposal is looking into it.

Currently there are lane closures along Big Spring Street.

We'll continue to follow this story and update you as more information becomes available.