Severe Weather Blog: Friday Morning Storms

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Runoff from early morning thunderstorms continues to move into creeks and streams. The gauge at Beals Creek south of Westbrook shows a rise of over four feet almost instantly and a continued rise is expected as the rain water runs off.

Doppler radar estimates that the 3-5" of rain has fallen over parts of Howard and Mitchell County this morning.

Turn Around... Don't Drown

Flash Flood warnings continue for Mitchell, Midland, Glasscock, Howard and Martin Counties until 8:30AM.


Power outages are now down to over 600.

It appears storms are starting to weaken. They're over Midland at this moment. Greenwood looks like it will get hit by the core of the storm in the next half hour.

The heaviest rain is being reported outside of Stanton and into Big Spring.

Warnings are set to expire soon, some even early.


The Oncor power outage map reports more than 4,500 people are without power at this hour. The map shows over 20 outages, a majority of them are in west Odessa.

A viewer reports seeing power lines go down near west Loop 338.

No word on restoration at this time.


Storms have moved directly over Midland International Air and Spaceport and headed towards Midland.

The newest storm, is directly over the east Loop 338 and Mission Dorado dropping heavy rain and pea size hail.

Very heavy rainfall continues in the eastern portion of our area this morning. Big Spring, Garden City and Sterling City have reported heavy rain.

Again, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect until 9AM. Multiple warnings continue at this hour.


The heaviest rain is being reported at the I20 cooridor, west of Odessa. That specific storm is set to hit Petrochemical Complex in the next 10 minutes and Skywest Airport in the next 45 minutes.

Power outages are being reported. More than 300 people are without power at this time. A majority of the outages are being reported in west Odessa. No word on time of restoration.


Storms are headed east 25mph, towards the city of Midland. Right now, pea size hail is falling in portions of Odessa, including at the CBS 7 studios inside Music City Mall.

The core is 42 minutes outside of Midland.

Another thunderstorm is developing just south of 16th and University on the west side of Odessa.

A storm has also developed out near Greenwood. Heavy rain and small hail is falling in that area, moving east.

Flooding has been reported in the area of Westbrook. Be careful this morning.


We're seeing new development over near Penwell. It is possible some of it could clip more near central parts of Odessa. A majority of the storms right now are north of town and will be headed towards Ratliff and Schlemeyer Field.


Heavy rain and intense lightning is right over West Odessa and Northwest Odessa right now.

It's moving 15-20mph. It'll be over Ratliff Stadium in the next 20 minutes.

Other storms are still moving east. Heavy rain is reported near Valleyview and Greenwood.

Our CBS 7 Eyecams are picking up a lot of lightning in both Odessa and Midland.

Most of the storms should be out of the area by 9AM.


West Texans are waking up to severe weather Friday morning. CBS 7 Weather Authority are tracking a line of storms that started moving through the area around 3AM.

The first line of storms have moved east. A Flash Flood Warning has been issued for Glasscock, Howard, Martin, Midland, Big Spring, Coahoma, Forsan and Stanton until 8:30AM.

The next line of storms are developing right now, set to hit northwest Odessa. It is tracking northeast.


A severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect for a large portion of the area until 9AM this morning.