Local organization attempting to save West Texas dogs

WEST TEXAS -- A local organization is saving dogs from being euthanized.

Euthanasia due to overcrowding has become a common thing at West Texas.

Project Freedom Ride takes dogs from West Texas shelters and drives them to Washington.

The total transportation cost per dog is of $150.

Volunteer Tasha Sport shares that to her it's worth every cent.

"We're saving them here from euthanasia ... in West Texas, and then they are going to wonderful loving homes in Washington, where people are patiently waiting for them there isn't an over abundance of animals there because of spade and neuter laws, and no backyard breeding", she said.

Some of the dogs will find homes along the way in Oregon, while the rest will make it to Washington by Tuesday.

If you would like to make donation or would like more information about this project you can visit Project Freedom Ride's Facebook page.