Rainfall improving lake water levels

BIG SPRING -- Today’s rain in the Permian Basin is creating much more than puddles, in fact its filling up Lake JB Thomas which supplies much of the Permian Basin's water.

“I think everybody in West Texas is happy when it rains” says John Grant who is the general manager of the Colorado River Municipal Water District.

Grant says that heavy rains contribute greatly to the lakes here in West Texas. "That's what really replenishes our surface water supply."

General Manager Grant adds that these next few days rainfalls will wet the soil near Lake JB Thomas, just 45 miles of Big Spring.

CBS7’s Meteorologist Greg Morgan says that “the fuller the lake and surrounding reservoirs, the more CRMWD can pick and choose from."

This means the lake will have more runoff the next time it rains, which means more water for the Permian Basin.

Grant says the lake is now 65 percent full.