Police: Lubbock shooting suspect was stopped by officers earlier the same day

LUBBOCK -- New details have been released in the investigation of the deadly shooting of Texas Tech University police officer Floyd East, Jr.

Authorities say that Officer Floyd East, Jr. (left) was shot and killed by Texas Tech University student Hollis Daniels (right) Monday night.

In a press conference Thursday morning the Lubbock Police Department gave out a new timeline of the investigation and answered questions from reporters.

According to LPD, their officers were called out at 1:11 a.m. Monday morning for a call of a theft of a firearm.

Minutes later a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle was stopped and the driver was identified as 19-year-old Hollis Daniels.

A search of his person found no firearm, and Daniels refused to allow the officers to search his vehicle. According to LPD, there was not enough probable cause to search the vehicle or obtain a warrant to do so.

He was then released from the scene.

That evening the Texas Tech Police Department received a check welfare call of a student and responded to the location.

There, Officer Floyd East, Jr. and other officers arrested Daniels for Possession of Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia and brought him back to their department.

As Daniels was being processed to be booked into jail authorities say he was able to gain access to a weapon.

"Unfortunately he was able to gain access to a weapon, and he shouldn't have been. However, he did. That's being reviewed by the Texas Tech Police Department. There's two investigations that are ongoing, the criminal investigation that we're (LPD) conducting and an administrative review that Texas Tech Police Department is doing. That's really for them to speak about, and I think at the appropriate time they'll have some of those answers for you," said Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens.

Daniels then shot Officer East and fled the department with East's body camera and the weapon used in the shooting.

Two minutes later Texas Tech Police Dispatchers notified the Lubbock Police Department about the shooting, and officers were on campus in little over a minute.

"There's a lot of speculation, a lot of things that have circulated across social media through comments to media websites and concerns that have been called in from parents, called in from members of the Lubbock community over whether or not the Texas Tech campus is safe. I want to say emphatically that it is. We had a remarkable response," said Chief Stevens.

Officers from the Lubbock Police Department, Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, DPS, FBI, ATF and Texas Rangers began swarming the campus to lock the area down to cast a net under which the suspect could not escape and could not cause any further harm.

According to LPD, Daniels tried to make his way back to his dorm room but was unable to get into his room after seeing the law enforcement presence there.

He also tried to access his vehicle but found it to be under control of law enforcement officers.

Daniels was sighted at 9:08 p.m. and was taken into custody by a TTUPD officer at 9:26 p.m.

Texas Tech University Police Department Chief of Police Kyle K. Bonath then requested that the Lubbock Police Department pick up the investigation of the homicide of Officer East.

Daniels has now been charged with Capital Murder and a felony charge of Possession of a Stolen Firearm.

Chief Stevens says the investigation will continue as they have several interviews to conduct, lab results to receive and more.

"I think what's the very relevant point right now for the Texas Tech Police Department is that they are still faced with the fact that they have to bury one of their own. That's what they're focused on right now. "

The information from Daniels' arrest affidavit can be found online here.