Police: No crime occurred in possible kidnapping case in Odessa

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ODESSA -- UPDATE: In a surprising turn of events on Thursday night, an Odessa boy confessed to lying about almost being kidnapped Wednesday night while he was left home alone.

After a 24-hour thorough investigation into the case that instilled fear into the community, Odessa Police released a statement saying the 10-year-old boy lied, closing the case without any charges.

The boy’s mother, who initially reported the alleged attack via Facebook, used the same social media platform Thursday night to apologize for her son’s behavior.

“I want to personally apologize to everyone,” the mother wrote. “My son did make all of it up, because we had grounded him yesterday for talking and not focusing on school. He was upset and made this up to get ungrounded. We are very embarrassed and honestly we don’t know what to feel. We’re in shock. He's in a lot of trouble with us and we are handling it at home. Please forgive us.”

Odessa Police are not pursuing any charges at this time.
According to the Odessa Police Department the case involving the possible kidnapping on the 8800 block of Rainbow Drive has been closed.

This after an extensive investigation revealed that no crime actually occurred.
Original Story:
The Odessa Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect of an alleged attempted kidnapping that took place on Wednesday afternoon.

According to an Odessa mother, she and her daughter had left their home with her son staying in his bedroom.

A little more than 15 minutes later her son allegedly heard someone enter the front door. The suspect then entered his room and grabbed him, pulling him through the house and the back door where the son was able to wrestle himself away.

The son was then able to run to a nearby street where he was able to call for help, his mother says.

The incident happened in the 8800 block of Rainbow Drive around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

According to the mother, the suspect is described as a 5'9 man with a thin build and a Hispanic accent. At the time of the attempted kidnapping he was seen wearing a black ski mask, a white long-sleeved shirt with a black skull in the middle, white sweat pants and gloves.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Odessa Police Department at (432) 335-3333.

CBS 7's DeAnn Lopez will have an exclusive interview with the mother tonight on CBS 7 News.