New program started by ECISD, one of the most innovative in the country

A new program started by ECISD is one of the most innovative in the country.

The PICK program is in its first year, PICK meaning pick your own education.

This is the second month ECISD has had a guest lecture and already this program is getting national attention. Not just in the scientific world, but also, from the US Department of Education.

We're doing things even more progressive than the 2026 stem projections that the US Department of Education put out, I think we're in the forefront of doing something very novel,” Jason Osborne, the chief innovative officer for ECISD.

Students get to learn hands on and then take these lessons back to their classrooms.

Organizer say it's so innovative because they take crucial parts of learning and make it tangible for students by using hands on experiments.

Educators start with experiments as opposed to giving kids the answers to how things work. Pushing students to ask critical thinking questions and find their own answers.

Those involved in the program only see it expanding.

“Programs like this are few and far between but I think they are on the leading edge I think this is what we're going to see in the next decade,” said Dr. Greg Gage, neuroscientist and owner of “Backyard Brains”.

While other districts are still catching up to this new way of teaching students, ECISD plans to continue the program throughout the end of the year.

“This is not something you normally see in school districts, this is something that's going to be brand-new and I think it will be replicated. I suspect this will be published, people are going to find out about this and be replicating this around the country,” said Gage.