New details on MISD student killed on I-20

MIDLAND -- New information on a developing story out of Midland.

We now know why a MISD student was running across Interstate 20, when she was hit and killed.

The parents of a 15-year-old midland freshman student were concerned when their child wasn't home at her usual time Tuesday evening. That's when they started searching.

"They were taking a look at the route to see if they could find her,” said Sara Bustilloz, the Public Information officer for Midland. “That's where they found police at the scene to identify her."

The young student left midland freshman high school at an unknown time heading home, that’s when she missed the school bus, so she started walking south for about a mile when she tried crossing here on the very busy intersection of I-20, she was struck and killed.

"It was said by witnesses that she was on the side of the road as if she was waiting to pass and then a vehicle on the lane closest to her was slowing down,” Bustilloz said. “Not all the way to a stop, but slowing down, it was as if she took that as it was okay to go. She started running across the westbound lanes and that's when she was struck by another vehicle in a different lane that did not see her."

The girl, whose name has yet to be identified, is the second Midland ISD student to be killed while crossing roads this school year.