New art piece at UTPB aims at sparking new conversations

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ODESSA -- The University of Texas of The Permian Basin's Visual Arts program welcomed renowned ceramist and nationally recognized artist, Professor Steven Hilton.

Words upon words line the walls of the Cardozier Gallery on campus at UTPB.

And each word means something and connects to each other, One side of the room, meant to be divisive and polarizing, while the other side are words that bring us together.

And that's exactly what Professor Hilton is looking to do with this exhibit he calls ‘Graph II’, also known as ‘Art in Progress’.

As the project moves forward each of the words on the walls, both divisive and words that allow us to connect with each other, will be brought together in the center of the room to create a piece that is meant to start a new conversation on brining society together once again.

“I think that the conversation that’s been had so far is eye-opening and is positive, but the conversation that’s going to happen when we put the pieces on the floor in the center of the room, where they are seeing the tangible connection is going to be even more eye-opening,” Hilton explains.