Midland ISD hires new executive director of communications

MIDLAND-- A new face in Midland ISD will be taking over media relations for the district.

Tuesday, Superintendent Orlando Riddick, explained what her role will be and what she'll be responsible for.

Come Monday September 18th Lacy Sperry will begin her role as the new Executive Director of Communications, and the responsibilities she’s about to take on are extensive.

“This is what we do, this is how we do it well, here is where we have areas where we need to grow, here are the strengths, the weaknesses and we go on and we tell our story and that's the role that the person who's in charge of communications will be, to make sure that it's a viable, during crisis or not during on crisis,” said Riddick.

Sperry is not only taking over the roll as Director of Communications, but she'll be responsible for the way the MISD brand is perceived in the community.

“It's very important that people understand that the brand that we have, which is MISD, is significant, impactful, deliverable, that we are measured up and there is work that we have to do, that were transparent and its important that people understand and know what that is,” said Riddick.

Sperry will earn $114,000 a year.

At a time when every dollar counts in the classroom, superintendent Riddick says this number was specific to her qualifications, and what others in similar roles are making according to data from the Texas Association of School Boards.

“We are not throwing a dart at a board, we have actual analytics and information that help drive what our decision-making is,” said Riddick.

For the last two years MISD had someone from the HR department fill in in a similar position, but the new superintendent felt the addition of the full time position is what's best for the district.