Marriage at the Hangar 25 Museum

BIG SPRING -- Michelle and Rodney Patridge celebrated a piece of history as well as tying the knot.

They are the first couple to get married at the Hangar 25 Museum in Big Spring.

They said it’s because Rodney is an A&P mechanic and pilot, and is currently teaching his son, Joshua, these skills.

Mrs. Patridge said it fit in well with everything her husband does, plus there’s an added benefit

“It’s a neat museum and it requires very little decoration because the decorations are already here for us,” Michelle Patridge said.

“This Hanger’s got a lot of history and everything to it,” Rodney Patridge added. “I work really close by and saw it from the abandoned hangar it was, to the beautiful museum it is today.”

The newlyweds are going to San Antonio for their honeymoon, and are happy they could celebrate their special day with their friends and family at this unique venue.