Man charged with ripping off Reagan County EMS for more than $10,000

BIG LAKE -- A man has been arrested after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from Reagan County's ambulance service.

Bobby Daniel Feemster is charged with Theft of $2,500 - $35,000.

A warrant for Feemster reveals he is accused of taking just under $11,000 in a billing scheme ripping off Reagan County EMS.

The county discovered the scheme when they received a credit card processing bill, as they never take any credit card payments.

"One of the answers that they gave when we asked why did you send this here was we've done it before. So that alerted us and we then were asking the question of who has done this before," Said Mason Matthews, the Reagan County EMS Captain.

Reagan County says that Feemster owns a billing company, appropriately named Emergency Revenue Resources.

Feemster served as a middle man for Reagan County EMS, as he was sent to collect insurance money any time EMS responded to a call. It's now been discovered that the money was not making it back to the county.

"We don't even know how much an ambulance ride costs. We like it that way because we want to treat people based on the injuries that they have or the sickness that they are dealing with, not what it might cost," said Matthews.

Reagan County believes that Feemster was withholding funds since 2014.

An arrest affidavit states that Feemster was calling residents acting like a collection agency.

"We're very well connected with our community, and for someone who is associated with your service to do something so dishonest and have your name tied to it kinda makes you angry."