Local concert benefits Victim Services

BIG SPRING -- The Victim Services Benefit Concert is being put on tonight by the coyote store in Gail.

“When you’re blessed, you have a responsibility to pass that blessing on,” Coyote Store owner, Becky Justice said.

Victim Services has been helping victims of violent crimes either in domestic abuse or anyone in crisis since 1984, going through the trauma and trials with those affected.

“Once you go out of your own bubble, you realize how many people Victim Services has helped,” reflected Adrian Calvio.

The 24-7 nonprofit helped 256 victims last year throughout the six counties they serve.

Saturday’s victim services benefit concert is more than just about music and a good time, it's about spreading awareness that victims never have to go through their pain alone.

"You don't need to suffer alone," emphasized Victim Services executive director, Linda Calvio.

For Linda’s nephew, Adrian, this was a performance he wouldn’t dream of turning down.

“It gives you a great appreciation for saying yes to something like this,” Adrian Calvio said. “To give back to those that actually help those who can’t help themselves.”