"I'm the one who shot your friend" Affidavit reveals new details in shooting of Texas Tech police officer

Hollis Daniels, 19.

LUBBOCK -- An arrest affidavit of Texas Tech University Student Hollis Daniels reveals new details in the shooting death of a police officer on campus Monday night.

Daniels, 19, who is a freshman at the school has been charged with Capital Murder. He is currently being held in custody with a $5 million bond.

The police officer killed in the shooting has been identified as Floyd East, Jr.

According Daniels' arrest affidavit, he was originally arrested by East for possession of a controlled substance and was taken to the Texas Tech Police Department for booking.

A Corporal Tyler Snelson saw Officer East working on the paperwork for the booking and noticed Daniels nearby facing the opposite direction not wearing handcuffs. Cpl. Snelson then left the room and went to a nearby office.

While in that office Cpl. Snelson heard a bang, and when he returned he found that Officer East had been shot and that Daniels was no longer in the room.

A .45 caliber shell was found near Officer East, and East's police body camera was missing. His pistol was still in his holster.

Later that night Daniels was found near the City Bank Coliseum where he was taken into custody and was found to have a .45 caliber pistol in his possession as well as a police body camera.

According to the arrest affidavit, Daniels told officers that 'he was the one that shot their friend'.

A press conference by the Texas Tech University Police Department Chief and University President is scheduled to be held at 3 p.m. It will be livestreamed on CBS7.com