Group takes aim at 3 Odessa city council members

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ODESSA - A citizen’s group has organized in Odessa with one goal: to remove three council members from office.

Their first public meeting is Thursday night.

CBS 7 sat down with one of the organizers to find out why he believes this is the right move and what it would take to make it happen.

Chris Wray says he's never been involved in politics, but the events that have transpired over the past few weeks have motivated him to take action.

“I created ‘Drain the Swamp in Odessa’ because of the outrage I was feeling and so many others about the way the city is doing business,” Wray said.

He says the group will file petitions to remove three council members from office: Barbara Graff, Malcolm Hamilton and Filiberto Gonzalez.

“If we can't get all three out, maybe we can at least get one out and break up that voting block,” Wray said. “They are not supposed to be meeting outside of council chambers.”

Once the petitions are filed, they have 30 days to collect 2,000 signatures. All of those names must be registered voters who live in the council member's district. Wray says they plan to go door-to-door if they have to.

“A lot of people have been participating and given input and they're ready to help and collect signatures,” Wray said.

No matter what, Wray believes the outcome of recent city business, including what he says was a "botched" deal to recruit Weir Industries and the ousting of the city manager shows that citizens must care more about who's making these important decisions.

“We all need to be more involved and be educated voters,” he said.

Wray says the goal is have the council members resign. If not, he says it opens the door for a re-call election.

The group is called ‘Drain the Swamp in Odessa.’ They have meetings planned tonight at 7 p.m. at 6012 Eastridge and again Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.