Green Tree residents take drilling concerns to City Council

MIDLAND -- Green Tree residents say nearby drilling is hitting too close to home as a company seeks approval for new wells.

For the last 60 days, Diamondback Energy has been fracking four wells across from the popular Midland neighborhood with the intent to drill more nearby.

On Tuesday they went to Midland's City Council to get approval for the wells as community members voiced their concerns.

A loud roar is head by their neighborhood 24 hours a day.

"It's very bothersome, it's to the point where it's nerve-racking for me. It's disturbing to the entire neighborhood that's about 800 homes," said Gordon Warren, a resident of Green Tree.

The loud sound isn't the only concern for residents.

"There's pollution in the air. People with swimming pools, they can't swim in their pool's because of an oil mist layer on top of them, that's a concern there," said Warren.

Gordon also worries about the long-tern effects of the drilling on the neighborhood.

"It's going to decrease the value of our properties. That's one of the biggest concerns I have."

Mayor Jerry Morales says the issue is not that the wells are being drilled.

"You heard it today, everybody supports oil and gas drilling. There was nobody against it, now it was just what can we do to improve the sound and anything that might be floating in the air and light in my backyard," said Morales.

City Council plans on meeting with both sides to come up with a resolution on the drilling concerns. They will also be holding a second reading on the new wells at their next meeting in two weeks.

CBS 7 has reached out to Diamondback Energy to hear their take on the neighborhood's concerns. As of this time, they have not returned our messages.