Four Odessa police officers named as Officers of the Month

(Odessa Police Department)

ODESSA -- Four officers with the Odessa Police Department have been named as the Officers of the Month for September.

The following comes from the Odessa Police Department:

Sergeant Caleb Lacey, Corporal Shawn Allafchian, Corporal Chris Meise and Corporal Jonathan Campbell have all been selected as Officers of the Month for September of 2017. All four Odessa Police officers recently traveled to the Houston area to assist with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

All four officers volunteered for this assignment, despite many unknown factors such as length of deployment, sleeping arrangements, and the nature of the work involved with assisting other agencies with the aftermath of a natural disaster on an unprecedented scale.

Despite the uncertainties, all four officers maintained a great attitude regarding their assignments and showed a level of dedication to the mission at hand for the duration of the deployment. All four officers showed professionalism and compassion towards the citizens and first responders of Houston and the surrounding communities.

All four officers should be commended on behalf of the effort they put forth and representing the Odessa Police Department in a positive manner.