Family to lay Hailey Dunn to rest after six years

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COLORADO CITY -- "I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child, the only thing I could think of that might be worse is to have to wait six years to lay that child to rest.”

On Monday, Attorney John Young was happy to report that wait is now over.

Hailey Dunn's remains have finally been released back to her mother.

On December 28, 2010 13-year-old Hailey went missing from Colorado City.

Although an arrest for her daughter's death has yet to be made, Billie Jean Dunn says she's one step closer to having closure.

Billie’s attorney, Young, says he's been fighting to bring Hailey home once and for all for the past month.

Although this isn't the way her family had hoped for, it has brought a sense of relief for them.

"After the tears of joy, she said to me, ‘I finally get to lay my daughter to rest,’" Young said.

It's been a painful six years for Billie and her family.

Their worlds were turned upside down when they learned Hailey was missing.

To this day, no one has been arrested for her death, but Billie's ex live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was declared the only suspect.

"She believes, and has a belief that Shawn was involved in some capacity, but I don't think she has any details, or any specifics other than just a gut belief," Young explained.

The first step to a long road to recovery for Billie began when Hailey's remains were found near Lake JB Thomas in March 2013 -- just over two years after her disappearance.

It took almost four years to return Hailey back to her mom.

"There's a sense of closure, a sense of gratitude to have this part of her journey closed and to be able to move forward from here," Young said.

Young says the Scurry County District Attorney’s Office is to thank for finally bringing Hailey home, especially investigator John McDaniels.

"He (McDaniels) said, ‘you know I pull that box out, and I go back through the evidence and see if maybe we've missed something,’” said Young. “The folks in that office have been just extraordinarily compassionate towards Billie and this case."

Hailey will be laid to rest in Luling, which is just outside of Austin.

Her services will be private at the request of her family.

CBS 7 News also tried reaching out to the Scurry County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office, but they did not return our calls as of news time.

“We want to thank each and every one of you that has been on this painful path with our family to bring Hailey home since she was found March 16, 2013,” wrote Billie on her Hope for Hailey Dunn Facebook page. “Please if you see any postings asking for "donations" it is not from us. This is my child, my privilege to pay for Hailey ♡. I have already taken care of all costs for my baby girl. Thank you again!”


Hailey Dunn's remains are being released to her family after nearly four years.

According to Billie Jean Dunn's lawyer, John Young, the University of North Texas Medical Center released her daughter's remains just after noon Monday.

Young tells CBS 7 that Hailey will be laid to rest in Luling, Texas outside of Austin though the exact time and date have not been set.

Hailey first went missing from her Colorado City home on December 28th, 2010. An arrest in her case has yet to be made.

Sean Adkins, Hailey's mother's ex live-in boyfriend, remains the only suspect in the case.

Young says Scurry County District Attorney Ben Smith and investigator John McDaniel deserve great credit for helping move the case forward and allowing Hailey's family some closure by having her remains released.

According to Billie Jean Dunn the funeral will be a private family gathering.