ECISD discusses to approve resolution concerning the A-F grading system by the TEA

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ODESSA -- On Monday night CBS 7 told you about the MISD Board of Trustees opposing the A - F grading system by the Texas Education Agency.

Tuesday night school board members in Ector County ISD met to discuss the system as well.

The grade system grades schools in each district according to the STAAR outcomes.

ECISD is banning together with many other schools across the state saying the A-F grading system by the Texas Education Agency is doing more harm than good.

"This is the biggest protest I've seen in my 43 years because it's not good for kids," ECISD Superintendent Tom Crowe said.

Crowe has a focus and that's to provide the best education to students in his district but the grading system implemented by the TEA used to assess public school performance is casting a negative light on the campus and students.

"Every student in that school is going to say I go to an F school so I'm an F. I mean that is just destroying children. Especially when it's been shown this separates across socioeconomic lines," Crowe continued to say 100 percent of schools with an economic disadvantage received an F and only five percent of schools will receive an A.

He also noted that the accountability system in effect now isn't an accurate depiction of school growth, "I believe we should be able to show how our kids are rating against kids across the state. We should be able to say are our kids learning what they need to learn but if they are not improving you don't denigrate them and say you're doing a horrible job or you're going to a horrible school."

Superintendent Crowe said he will continue to work with lawmakers at the capital to modify or change the grading system for the districts.