Midland airport slow to tow SUV that's been parked for 2 years

MIDLAND - How long can a person leave their car parked at the Midland International Air and Spaceport? That’s what we’re asking after a viewer noticed one SUV in covered parking at MAF.

The SUV has been there for up to two years and no one seems to be too concerned about it.

CBS 7’s On Your Side team spoke with airport operations, though they left with more questions than answers.

Justin Millican, Deputy Director of Airports says there is no deal between the owner of the vehicle and the city.

“There's no room legally for us to do anything like that," he said.

The Chevy Suburban been parked in the exact same spot since at least 2015. People have started writing dates in the dirt layer on the vehicle.

Airport officials say there's no reason to believe the SUV has been abandoned. In fact, Millican says he's seen worse.

"The vehicle you're referencing is no where near the condition we've seen people dump out here before," he said.

Millican went on to say that removing the car would not only be a hassle for the city but for the owner as well.

“We don't want to inconvenience anyone, because we don't know what their situation may be," he said. "We've tried reaching out to the owner and have had zero contact."

We tried as well. Mail left on the dashboard was addressed to a D. Scharbauer, so we went to the address but no one answered the door.

The covered spots at the airport cost $80 a week. At that rate, when and if this suburban is ever driven out of the airport, the bill will be more than $12,000. A hefty fine, no doubt. The city says if and when the owner comes back, they’ll have a bill waiting.

"They will have to pay just like everyone else," Millican said.

Here's more information on the airport's parking policy: if a car is left in a spot for more than 90 days, they will send a certified letter. We're told they will resend the letter three more times, and after that, if this car is any indication, nothing really will happen. Millican says they will tow a vehicle if they absolutely have to.