Parents concerned after learning of probable case of mumps at Odessa school

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ODESSA -- Parents are concerned after learning that a student at their child's school may have a case of the mumps.

Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School. (Photo courtesy of Ector County ISD)

This week Wilson and Young Middle School notified parents that a student at the school had a probable case of the mumps.

The Director of the Ector County Health Department, Gino Solla is sending a very strong message when he says that vaccinations prevent diseases like mumps from spreading.

“Don't as parents, don't fall under the little trick of having your conscience exemption from vaccines, because cases like this will prove to you that really having the kids vaccinated is worth way more than that and the counter actions of the vaccines,” said Solla.

If the case is confirmed, “What will probably happen is there will be recommendations to the school itself to check the kid's vaccination records and make sure. We can bring some in and provide some vaccinations," said Solla.

But in the meantime parents have questions and concerns about the health of their children

“It is a scary situation because even the little kids that aren't vaccinated could get it you know in the stores or out at restaurants or vice versa,” said Sean Thomason, who has a student who attends the middle school.

Anybody can be susceptible to getting the disease. The health department warns that it can be much worse for adults.

They recommend being vaccinated if you haven't already.