Capturing Kids' Hearts

BIG SPRING -- Big Spring educators are gearing up for the school year and that means training sessions.

Teachers and administration went through a two day course called ‘Capturing Kids' Hearts.’

They spent time writing positive notes to one another using affirmation bags, a practice many teachers will use to increase positivity in the classroom.

Expressing how important it is to have positive and meaningful relationships between the teachers and students.

"I really appreciate that the district has done this for us,” Susan Halbert-Lester said. “It's enabled us as a staff to see each other's hearts, and because we've been able to do that; that makes us stronger and more in-tuned with our kids and the sort of things they face in their lives every day."

The instructors emphasized how important a safe environment is for the students.

The educators created a list of rules together for the session called a social contract, an idea to spread into the classroom, which gives them a personalized connection with their school environment.