Authors Give Away Free Books and Talk to Students About the Story

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ODESSA - It's a great day to be a third grader at ECISD.

All of the students received a brand new book today after authors from right here in west Texas gave away over 900 books to students and told them a little preview of what they can find from cover to cover.

"We want the kids to enjoy but it's also a learning experience," co-author Jim Henry said.

For every "Willy Nilly and Thumper" book sold, authors made a promise to give a free book to a child.

"We like to get the kids, at least for a short period of time, away from the computer screen and provide for them a good old fashion adventure tale and a good old fashion book," Jimmy Patterson, co-author of the children’s book said.

Since 2009 Jim and Jimmy have been turning bedtime stories told to Jim's grandchildren into fully published books.

"It's been something I've really grown fond of and the characters I've really grown fond of," Patterson said.

Today at ten different elementary schools. 3rd graders got to experience those stories.

A teacher of 32 years said it’s not every day an author donated books and visits schools at the same time.

"It means a lot because we don't often have authors come to our school and it's a good experience for the children to have two authors come to our school," Martina Earrett, teacher at San Jacinto, said.

In fact, she said the gesture and initiative Jim and Jimmy are taking to give free books to the young students is inspiring to them and the school.

"We need all the books we can get and our kids can always use another book to read during the summer," Earrett said.

Jim wants to write a book for each of his 11 grandkids and right now they have completed two and onto their next one.